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Guest images

Several guest images have been posted, please check them out!

Poplar with snow

Beautiful snowfall last night, less than an inch of fluffy white. Behind Cabin 7 is a small stand of Poplar.

Sunrise on the last Sunday in November

14 degrees and sunny on the last Sunday in November. The ice is brand new on Poplar, and there is still some open water.

Skippin’ Rocks on Poplar

Listen to the sound the ice makes when the rock hits it.

Nineteen and SUNNY

Gorgeous Day on Poplar Lake  

Snowing on Thanksgiving

I turned on the webcam for a few seconds to get the snowfall on Poplar lake!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are celebrating Thanksgiving with Mike and Lin, they are still at their house through the end of the month. The weather has been great, it was 30 degrees today and most of the...

Winter cabin

We are staying in the 'apartment / lakeside suite', so the traditional winter cabin at Rockwood is currently unavailable; all the rest of our cabins are May through October only. However, we do plan...

Fresca and Jack

We want you to meet our two dogs - VERY friendly hosts - Fresca and Jack!

Rockwood purchased

We purchased Rockwood Lodge from Mike and Lin in November of 2015. My first trip to Rockwood was in 1989, and I've been a loyal customer ever since. For the last 13 years we've...