Ice Out?

Update – For 2020 ice out, visit our webcam: webcam

A common question this time of year is “when is ice-out?”. Short answer – we don’t know! My best guess is sometime before the third week of May, I’m guessing May 15. Yes, that’s after the fishing opener.

We currently have 24″ of ice on Poplar with a small layer of hardpack snow on top. The overnight temperatures are still below 32 degrees…

So, the cabins will open on time if the overnight temperatures are sustained at 32 degrees, or more. We can handle a few degrees below, but since our water lines lay on the surface, there’s a significant risk to turning on the water too early.

My best suggestion is to keep watching facebook and this site’s webcam, watch the overnight temperatures on this site (Hungry Jack Lake is close to Poplar).

See you SOON!!!

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