Canoeing on Duncan Lake:

“Rockwood Canoe Routes” are just a few of the possible canoe trips with varying degrees of difficulty and amount of time for completion. We will help you route your trip according to your personal needs and desires. Or, if you know exactly where you’re headed, we’ll just help you get there.
Listed below are some of the routes we use, along with descriptions of time needed to complete and degree of difficulty. Visit for campsite ratings by other BWCAW visitors!

route1Route 1

Start at Poplar, go to Skipper, Rush, Banadad, and return. Great walleye and northern pike fishing. Very scenic and remote. Two days average. Moderately difficult.

route4Route 4

Start at Poplar, Skipper, Rush, Banadad, Ross, Cave, Long Island, south to Gordon, Cherokee, Temperance Lakes, Brule, Cone Lakes, Cliff, Wanihigan, Winchell, Gaskin, Horseshoe, Caribou, Lizz and back to Poplar. Excellent walleye, northern and trout fishing. Beautiful and very remote trip with twenty-seven portages, three are long ones. Seven days average. Rugged.

route7Route 7

Ram to Poplar. This trip starts at Ram Lake to Kroft, Rum, Little Trout, Misquah, and Vista, continuing through Horseshoe, Caribou, Lizz and back to our dock at Poplar Lake. This remote trip goes through scenic Misquah hills and offers many opportunities for side trips. Three days average. Moderately Difficult.

route2Route 2

Start at Poplar, go through Lizz to Caribou, Horseshoe, Vista, and return. Super walleye and northern fishing. Beautiful country and short portages. Three to four days average. Easy.

route5Route 5

Start at Ham Lake, go through Cross Bay, Rib, George, Karl, Long Island, Muskeg, Kiskadinna, and Omega continuing to Henson, Pillsbery, Allen, Horseshoe, Caribou, Lizz and ending at Poplar. Very remote with sixteen portages. Excellent walleye, northern and trout fishing. Four to seven days average. Moderately Difficult.

route8Route 8

Bower Trout to Poplar. Start at Bower Trout, go through Marshall, Dugout, and Skidway, on to Swan and Vernon, continuing to Brule Lake; Through the Cones, Cliff, Wanihigan, Winchell, Omega, Henson, Pillsbery, Allen, Horseshoe, Caribou, and Lizz, returning to Poplar. Twenty-two lakes, remote with good fishing and wildlife. Seven to ten days. Rugged.

route10Route 10

East Bearskin to McFarland Loop. Start at East Bearskin, through Alder, Canoe, Pine, McFarland, Little John, and John, back through East and West Pike to Clearwater, Caribou, Deer and Moon returning to East Bearskin. Good fishing, very scenic! Five to seven days average. Moderately Difficult.

route3Route 3

Start at Poplar, through Lizz, Caribou, Horseshoe, Gaskin, Winchell, north to Omega, Henson, Pillsbery, Meads, and back through Caribou, Lizz, returning to Poplar. Excellent walleye, northern, and trout fishing. Very scenic and remote with thirteen portages. Five to seven days average. Moderately difficult.

route6Route 6

Start at Bearskin Lake, to Duncan, Rose, Rat, South, North, Little Gunflint and finishing at Gunflint. Includes the famous Stairway Portage and is part of the Voyager Highway route along the Canadian border. Seven portages. Four to seven days average. Moderately Difficult.

route9Route 9

Start at East Bearskin, travel east on a circular trip to Alder, Canoe, Pine, and returning through Little Caribou, Caribou, Deer, and Moon, ending at East Bearskin. Excellent bass, walleye and northern fishing. Three to five days average. Moderately Easy.