It’s really feeling like spring. The lake is still 20″ thick with ice, but there is water forming on the top. It won’t be long now and we’ll be talking about ice-out. The projects on the resort are coming along nicely, we want to have Cabin 12 ready for large groups this summer. It’s a beauty, can hold up to 10 people, and has an awesome view towards Voyageur’s Point. The canoes are still nestled in the cabins and bunkhouses, soon they’ll be pulled out, cleaned up and prepped for the season. We have several new ones to add this year from Souris River, Northwind and Wenonah.

Our dogs are loving the warm weather; it was a balmy 47 degrees today with lots of sunshine. I cannot wait until I can hike the South Lake Trail, 7 miles round trip, and get back into the Wilderness. The snow is nearly gone but the mud is beginning to show!

The month of April is called a “shoulder season” and is very slow up here. Trail Center completely closes, and we go up to Gunflint Lodge or down to Grand Marais for dinners. The wildlife is really getting active, we have a resident Fox that is setting up camp under one of our Cabins. There’s lots of prints of smaller critters running around, and enough birds to cover the entire lawn under the bird feeder. We saw several moose on the trail, and there’s a photo from February of three of them next to our main entrance! This is Northern Lights season, and we’ll be watching the prediction websites, scanning the skies for those beautiful greens.

We still have some great openings in our schedule, please come up and visit us this Summer!