Canoe Comparisons

Use this chart to help decide which canoe is right for you. Come up and try them out, or our kayaks and paddle boards, for $20/ 4 hours (Poplar Lake only).

Kevlar Solo
Northstar NW Solo115′-6″28 lbs26.5 in27 inNimble & Responsive$42
Northstar Magic116′-0″28 lbs23 in25.5 inFast Cruiser$42
Wenonah Prism116′-6″30 lbs26 in29.75 inAll-around Canoe$42
Wenonah Basswood Solo115′-7″32 lbs27 in29.75 inStable Fishing Solo$42
Northstar Polaris1 or 216′-9″38 lbs31 in34.5 in Solo or Tandem$42 or $48
Northstar Polaris1 or 216′-9″40 lbs31 in34.5 in Solo or Tandem$48
Northstar Northwind 16216′-6″39 lbs32 in32 in Small all-rounder$48
Northstar Northwind 17217′-6″40 lbs36 in32 in All-around Canoe$48
Northstar B17217′-0″42 lbs36 in33 in Gear Hauler$48
Wenonah Spirit 2217′-0″42 lbs35 in35.5 inAll-around Canoe$48
Wenonah Minnesota 2218′-6″42 lbs33.5 in33.5 inFast & Skinny$48
Wenonah Escape217′-6″41 lbs33 in33 in MN II’s little brother$48
Wenonah Boundary Waters217′-0″42 lbs36.5 in35 in Very Stable$48
Wenonah Basswood 18218′-0″46 lbs36.5 in36.5 in Stable Gear Hauler$48
Wenonah Champlain2 or 318′-0″46 lbs36.5 in36.5 inGear Hauler$48
Souris River Quetico 17217′-3″44 lbs35 in34 in Stable Cruiser$48
Souris River Quetico 16216′-2″42 lbs34 in32 inSmaller Cruiser$48
3 & 4 Person
Northstar Northwind 18318′-9″43 lbs36 in32 inAll-around 3-Seater$56
Northstar B19319′-6″49 lbs38 in36 inGear Hauling 3-Seater$56
Souris River Quetico 185318′-6″49 lbs36.5 in34 inStable 3-Seater$56
Minnesota 3
320′-0″55 lbs34 in33.5 inFast 3-Seater$56
Northstar Northwind 20420′-5″48 lbs36 in32 inBring the Family$56
Northstar Phoenix114’6″39 lbs26 in38 inRugged & Nimble Solo$38
Northstar NW Solo115′-6″40 lbs26.5 in26.5 inRugged & Quiet Solo$38
Northstar B16216′-0″60 lbs35.5 in32 in Rugged & Quiet$38
T-Formex (Royalex)
Wenonah Aurora216′-0″65 lbs35 in34.5 inRugged & Quiet$38
Alumacraft 17217′-0″65 lbs36 in35 inRugged$35
Alumacraft 18218′-6″68 lbs37 in35 inRugged$38
Alumacraft 18318′-6″71 lbs37 in35 inRugged$38