Transport / tows

For entry points in the mid-Gunflint Trail area, transport starts at $50, additional charges for large groups or multiple trips; most are free with canoe rental. Rockwood is on Poplar Lake, so no transport needed for Entry Points 47, 48 or 49. Mid-Gunflint Trail includes entry points off of the Lima Grade (Bower Trout, Ram, Morgan), Bearskin Road, Clearwater Road, Hungry Jack Road, Gunflint Public Access, Cross River, Round Lake, and for hikers the Magnetic / Border Route Trail (West) & Kekekabic trail heads.

Transport / tows

Outside of mid-Gunflint trail, we’ll do transports to the end of the Gunflint Trail (Seagull, Saganaga), Shoe Lake Road, and the Arrowhead trail, including the Border Route Trail (East) / Superior Hiking Trail trailhead on Otter Lake Road for hikers. We do not transport to Brule Lake entry points. Prices start at $100, not free with canoe rental, subject to staff availability. It’s a lot of windshield time that we could be doing things around the resort, getting cabins repaired, cleaning canoes…


Tows are not available, either on Poplar Lake or other lakes. A tow, in this definition, is putting a canoe on a motor boat and transporting the canoe, people and gear to the entry point. Our three entry points on Poplar Lake are within a mile paddle, making a tow much more trouble than it’s worth.

You cannot drive to the Entry Points for EP 47 Lizz / EP 48 Meeds / EP 49 Skipper. They can only be accessed from Poplar Lake. The road you see on forest maps near EP 47 and 48 is the Banadad cross country ski trail; you can’t even hike it in the Summer months. You can drive to Iron Lake and get to EP 49 through Portage Lake / One Island Lake, but it adds several portages making it simpler to start or end on Poplar.