Rockwood Lodge & Outfitters Menu Planner 2017

Download a printable version here – our fax number is 218-878-9862; you can scan or take a picture with your cellphone and email to or text to 218-388-2242

Please check the areas next to the meals you’d like us to pack for you and circle your preferred choice where applicable. Be sure that you have checked enough meals for each day and for all the days of your trip. If you want to repeat meals, check that selection more than once. Each meal is individually packaged with directions. We will pack the right number of meals for the number of people in your party, but please remember that your menu choice applies to everyone! Cross out any items you do not want. Your last night’s dinner is not included.

Your first morning’s breakfast is served in our historic lodge as a Quick Start Continental: Cereals, Toast, Fruit, Juices, Coffee, Tea, Milk, baked goods.

–Also included are the following extras–(Please cross out any items you do not want)
Creamer,   Sugar,   Salt & Pepper,   Fish Fixins,   matches,   SOS pads,   dish soap

We have many vegetarian and gluten free options, and even some vegan options!
Please let us know if you have dietary restrictions, special menu requests or comments in the area below. We will do our best to accommodate your requests.

Bread Options: We can substitute tortillas or pita bread for the bread in your pack to save bulk.

Bread Choice? __________________________________________

Butter or Margarine?______________________________________

___Fresh Eggs + Bacon + Toast + Jelly (first morning out only)
___Trail Breakfast (Scrambled Eggs / Sausage / Hashbrowns)
___Scrambled Eggs (circle: Cheddar Asparagus Sausage Gravy) + Toast and Jelly
___Blueberry Pancakes + Bacon or Sausage +  Maple Syrup
___Trail Center Pancakes + Bacon or Sausage + Maple Syrup
___Gunflint Potato Pancakes + Bacon or Sausage + Maple Syrup
___Grits and Pork Sausage + Toast and Jelly
___Oatmeal (circle: Apple&Raisin or Blueberry) + Bagels
___Granola + Milk + Snackbar

Coffee:______     Tea:______     Hot Choc:______     Orange Drink:______
*Please indicate the number of people wanting to drink each

___Quick Lunch: Jerky + Dried Fruit + Trail Mix
___Bagels & Cream Cheese + Cookies + Afternoon Snack
___Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches + Cookies + Afternoon Snack
___Summer Sausage Sandwiches + Cookies + Afternoon Snack
___Cheese Sandwiches + Cookies + Afternoon Snack

—–The Following Lunches Require Cooking—–
___Grilled Cheese Tomato Soup + Crackers + Afternoon Snack
___Quick Cook Bean Soup + Crackers + Afternoon Snack
___Broccoli Cheese Wild Rice Soup + Crackers + Afternoon Snack
___Chili (circle: Beef Chicken Turkey Vegetarian Vegan) + Crackers + Afternoon Snack

Afternoon Snacks: Apples, Oranges, Dried Fruit, Trail Mix, Granola Bars

Snack Choices?________________________________________________________

___Fresh Steak, Pork Chop or Chicken Breast (first night out only) + Potatoes + Vegetable
(Circle: Steak or Pork or Chicken, Garlic Chive Mashed or Cheddar Mashed)
___Burritos (circle: Beef Chicken Turkey Black Bean Vegan Black Bean) + Vegetable
___Alfredo (circle: Chicken Pork Shrimp Wild Mushroom) + Vegetable
___Spaghetti (circle: Beef & Pork or Vegan) + Vegetable
___Mac & Cheese (circle: Plain Ham Seafood) + Vegetable
___Beef Stroganoff + Vegetable
___Wild Mushroom Stroganoff + Vegetable
___Chili Mac (circle Beef or Chicken or Turkey) + Vegetable
___Pork Wild Rice Casserole + Butter Biscuits
___Shepards Pie (circle: Pork Chicken Turkey) + Butter Biscuits
___Vegetable Beef Stew + Butter Biscuits
___Chili (circle: Beef Chicken Turkey Vegetarian Vegan) + Butter Biscuits

Vegetable Sides: Asparagus, Carrots, Corn, Green Beans, Peas, or Cheesy Broccoli

Vegetable Choices?________________________________________________________
*If you’re not gonna eat your veggies, just cross them off. We promise not to tell your mom…

Coffee:______ Tea:______ Hot Choc:______ Orange Drink:______
*Please indicate the number of people wanting to drink each

___Fern’s Apple Pie
___Cinnamon Honey Couscous
___Chocolate Cheesecake
___Berry Cheesecake
___Rice Pudding