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Canoes and Equipment List

Canoes and Equipment List

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I’m interested in a canoe trip but I don’t have a permit or a plan. 

I have my plan and need...

For those that may or may not have a permit but already know what gear they need…

Open 7am – 6pm.

Rockwood prides itself on having a good stock of new or newer canoes available. You can rent them by the day or by the trip, and you can save money with our Canoe Outfitting Packages. Name brands like Wenonah, Northstar (Bell), Souris River , Grumman and Alumacraft are paired with good quality yoke pads to make your experience in the Boundary Waters memorable.
Also available are upgraded canoe paddles and shuttle service to many of the area portages.
Stand Up PaddleboardStand Up Paddleboards! They are a blast, if you want a class, we can give the basics and show you by example. We have a total of 4 SUPs, 2 that can be used on Boundary Waters trips (Grey Ducks), complete with a portage bar and a place to store gear.

Additionally we have several kayaks free for our cabin guests to use (or anyone can rent for a single day if available.  Our cabin guests get first dibs); small kid size, a fishing kayak, several long skinny solo kayaks and a tandem kayak – if you haven’t tried one they are a lot of fun!

Q: Does Rockwood issue fishing licenses?
A: Yes! We can issue your license and stamps right at the lodge. More…

Rockwood provides personal floatation devices and we ask our customers to wear them.

Bringing your canoe?

Call 218-388-2242 or use the form above to see if we have your canoe in stock for the days you are planning your trip, and save yourself bringing your own canoe.

Not sure which canoe is right for you? Canoe Comparisons

Not sure which canoe is right for you?


Looking for a motorboat on Poplar Lake?


Interested in purchasing a used canoe?


Wondering which is the best canoe route?

Aramid / "Kevlar" Canoes
Kevlar canoes are ultra-light "Wet Foot" canoes:
they need to be free floating while being loaded
and unloaded Plan on getting
your feet wet
per day
The bottom of the canoe should
NEVER be set on the ground
15 to 16.5 29 to 33 — Solo Kevlar —
Northstar Magic / Northwind Solo
Wenonah Prism / Wenonah Basswood
Northstar RobRoy Canoe/Kayak Hybrid
Want to try something new?
Check out the portage-able paddleboards below!
16 to 16.9 39 to 42 — 2 Person Kevlar —
Northstar Polaris /Souris River Quetico 16
17 to 17.5 40 to 42 — 2 Person Kevlar —
Wenonah Spirit II / Escape / Boundary_Waters
Northstar Northwind 17 / B-17
Souris River Quetico 17
18 to 18.5 42 to 46 — 2 Person Kevlar —
Wenonah MN II / Champlain / Boundary Waters II
18.5 to 20 49 to 55 — 3 Person Kevlar —
Northstar Northwind 18 / B-19
Wenonah MN 3 / Souris River Quetico 185 
20.5 48 — 4 Person Kevlar —
Northstar Northwind 20
Innegra Canoes
Innegra is a tough composite material that trades
some of the lightness of Kevlar for more strength with
excellent impact absorption and great flex
per day
15.5 41 — Solo Innegra —
Northstar NW Solo
16 60 — 2 Person Innegra —
Northstar B-16
Royalex / T-Formex Canoes Price
per day
16 64 — 2 Person Royalex —
Royalex is a composite material comprising
an outer layer of vinyl and a closed-cell rigid
foam core (ABS) providing structure and buoyancy.
These canoes are quieter than aluminum
Aluminum Canoes
Aluminum canoes are very stable and hard to damage
per day
17 65 — 2 Person Aluminum —
Alumacraft Quetico 17
18.5 68 Alumacraft Quetico 18.5 $38
18.5 71 — 3 Person Aluminum —
Alumacraft Quetico 18.5
Kayaks & Paddleboards
Great for exploring Poplar Lake
or even bringing these into the
BWCAW if you're so inclinded
per day
NOTE: Due to limited stock we don't reserve
kayaks & paddleboards ahead of time
or for multiple days
(unless part of a larger BWCAW trip canoe rental)
12 to 14.5 38 – 70 — Solo Kayak —
 Kestrel 140 13.5'/ Commander 140 14'
Wilderness Systems Tsunami 145 14.5'
14.5 73 — Tandem Kayak —
Pamlico 145
— Portage-able Stand Up PaddleBoard —
Paddleboards you can bring into the BWCAW!
12.5 33 Grey Duck Quetico 12'6 $38
14 38 Grey Duck Quetico 14 $38
10.5 29 — Stand Up PaddleBoard —
C4 Waterman Classic X
— Canoe Packs — per day/
per trip
Granite Gear #3.5 & #4 Packs
with Hip Belts
CCS Hybrid & Kondos Outfitter Packs
with Hip Belts & Padded Backs
Traditional #3 CCS "Duluth" Style Packs $4.00/$13.00
Granite Gear & Kondos Food Pack w/ Liner $6.00/$20.00
CCS & Kondos Insulated Food Pack $8.00/$24.00
Blue Food Barrel with Kondos Harness
Large (60L)
Small (30L)

Seal Line dry bags (55L) $4.00/$15.00
— Canoe Equipment — per day/
per trip
Bending Branches wooden canoe paddle upgrade $2.00/$8.00
Canoe seat pads with back support $2.00/$6.00
Life Vest* $3.00/$5.00*
Fisher & McKenzie
canoe maps
$7.00 each
canoe maps
$10.00 each
Waterproof map cases $2.00/$2.00
— Camping Equipment — per day/
per trip
Alps Mountaineering 2 – 3 Person Tent
with oversized rain fly
Alps Mountaineering 3 – 4 Person Tent
with oversized rain fly
Kelty Noah's Tarp 12 Rain Fly 12×12 $6.00/$20.00
CCS Rain Fly 10×14 $8.00/$32.00
Sleeping Bag $6.00/$20.00
Sleeping Pad (Self-Inflating) $5.00/$16.00
Camp Pillow $3.00/$3.00
Big Agnes Camp Chair $6.00/$18.00
MSR MiniWorks Water Filter $5.00/$18.00
Platypus GravityWorks 4 liter Water Filter $8.00/$24.00
Propane Stove (Single Burner) $3.00/$10.00
Propane Stove (Double Burner) $6.00/$20.00
Propane Fuel ( 16 oz. bottle) $8.00 each
Isobutane Stove (Single Burner) $4.00/$12.00
Isobutane Stove (Double Burner) $8.00/$24.00
Isobutane Fuel (8 oz MSR) $8.00 each
Stainless Steel Cook Kit with Dishes & Utensils
(returned in clean condition)
Percolator Coffee Pot
(returned in clean condition)
Basic Medical Kit $6.00/$6.00
Camp Saw $2.00/$6.00
550 Paracord nylon rope 50ft/100ft $6.00/$10.00
Heavy duty poncho $5.00/$5.00
Tarps $2.00/$6.00
Compression bags $5.00/$5.00
Small clothing/gear bags $2.00/$2.00
Bag liners (3 MIL) $2.00
— Fishing & Bait —
Live large leeches $5.00/dozen
Nightcrawlers $3.00/dozen
Fishing Rod $5.00/trip
Fishing net $3.00/trip
Anchor Bags $5.00/trip
—Other Services—
InReach Satellite Texting $15/day
+ 50 cents/text
Shower and Towel $5.00
Parking (per day / vehicle) $5.00 or
free with
canoe rental
Transport along Gunflint Trail starts at $50 per group
Food Package – you choose from our menu -
we assemble the food into individual meal
packages and organize them into
a standard food canoe pack ready for your trip
per person
per day
  • Outfitting Deposit: A deposit of one-third the total is required within 14 days of making a reservation.
  • Early Returns: We charge for the NEXT DAY but can refund equipment costs for subsequent days. Total food costs cannot be refunded on any early return.
  • The balance of your account is due before you depart.
  • If you cancel your reservation we will refund your deposit [minus a $35 service fee] if we are notified four weeks in advance.