1. My friends and I are developing high interest in your cabins for late August.
    We have camped ‘properly’ in the BW over the decades, when we were young and pretty!

    But we want to do days trips, and no tent camping.

    The BW rules are 9 people max, 4 boats max. Does this apply to day trips?

    And: your lodge dining room is so pretty, but will you serve any meals to rental guests? We are tired of freeze drieds!

    • Lynn-

      Yes on the rules applying to Day Trips as well. 9 people, 4 boats max. It’s a wilderness and it makes sense, no big parties in the wilderness 🙂

      We have many restaurants around us, and we can be convinced to let you use the big room in the Lodge for family gatherings, but we don’t have a restaurant. You could prepare the meals in your cabin and bring them to the Lodge and have a big family gathering.

      Hope you choose Rockwood, Lynn!

      Carl 218-388-2242

    • The lodge, outfitting, the bunkhouse and Cabin 12 all have hi-speed wifi. Cabins 2-9 do not.


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