Late September

It’s late September and we are beginning to wrap things up for the season. We’ll close for a month on September 30th, and open again in late October with our first winter cabin! We are excited to have a winter cabin, it’s a large house right on the lake that used to be the owner’s house. Initially it will sleep 8-10 people, but we plan on adding bedrooms to increase that. The first big step is to get the well connected to the house and to get the state to test and approve the well.

We have 6 canoes for sale, two canoes that have 3 seats and four tandem canoes, all Kevlar. The prices range from $900 – $1100, each has less than 3 years of use, some have repairs, all have scratches! Call us for more information, we’ll get you pictures and details. We expect they’ll sell fast, so let us know right away if you are interested.

We picked up a used truck, and will bring it down to Duluth to get a snow plow installed. This one is a 3/4 ton so we’ll be able to move a lot more snow this winter. We plan on having the main road open all winter long, and cannot wait for the Mail Run dog sled races in early January. If you haven’t seen it, Trail Center is raffling off a GORGEOUS wooden canoe to raise money for the race. Come on up and get some tickets!