Day trips are a great way to see the wilderness and stay in a comfortable Cabin or Bunkhouse. Daily permits into BWCAW are available at no charge at both the Lodge and Outfitting. You can take the canoe that comes with your cabin, rent one of our lightweight Kevlar canoes, or bring your own. The Entry Point, EP 47 Lizz Lake, is a short paddle across Poplar Lake. When you cross the midpoint of Lizz you’ll be in the Boundary Waters! A few short portages awaits you, and you’ll be in the heart of one of the nicest parts of the eastern wilderness. Caribou, Meeds, Horseshoe and Vista are all within a day’s paddle and back.

Stairway Portage

Another great daytrip that is frequently enjoyed by Rockwood guests is the Stairway Portage and Rose Falls. We’ll load up canoes on our vehicles and you’ll follow the transport to the Entry Point on Hungry Jack road. You’ll canoe across Bearskin Lake (pictured) and Duncan Lake, setting the canoes aside while you walk down the stairs and enjoy views of the waterfall. Equally impressive is the commanding view of Rose Lake, one of the border lakes with Canada, and the Border Route Trail, which has several scenic views within a few minutes hike.