Excellent list: North Shore Visitor

Gunflint Trail Restaurants
Clearwater Lodge & Bakery388-2254closed in the winter
Gunflint Lodge Dining Room388-22947a-9p7a-9p7a-9p7a-9p7a-9p7a-9p7a-9p
Gunflint Pines Resort388-4454opens May 11
Hungry Jack Lodge388-2265opens May 24
Loon Lake Lodge388-22328a-7p Daily-NOTE: Reservations Required before noon
Poplar Haus Liquor Store388-222210a-8p10a-8p10a-8p10a-8p10a-8p10a-8p11a-6p
Poplar Haus Restaurant388-2222closed until fishing opener
Skyport Lodge/Raven Rock Grille387-941411a-9p11a-9p11a-9p11a-9p11a-10p11a-10p11a-9p
Trail Center388-2214opens May 1st
Trail's End Café388-2212opens Mid-May

Great restaurants are an easy drive from Rockwood. At the end of the trail is “Trails End”, a rustic cafe with fish, pizza, and great Hamburgers. Gunflint Lodge has a great meals and a full bar, open year around. Poplar Haus is a new restaurant that will be opening soon where Windigo used to be. Hungry Jack Lodge has a chef and serves great meals, try their Chicken Tortellini Soup. Trail Center is known for their excellent menu and they have a great bar as well. Raven Rock Grill at the Skyport Lodge on Devil Track Lake has a full bar and cafe, try their Skyplate Special.