Why Go Paddling

In case you’re asking, there are many reasons for you to go canoeing. Of course the best way to experience the BWCAW, when the waters aren’t frozen, is in a canoe.
A canoe is a long and narrow boat, light of weight, and easy to propel over the water with a single bladed paddle. The canoe has a long history, used for centuries by native peoples to transport themselves and their food.

The storied Voyageurs relied on canoes to traverse the waterways along the US/Canada border transporting furs in one direction and the goods of life in the other.

So why would a person want to canoe?

  • You get to be outdoors. All day if you want.
  • You may paddle solo or with a partner. Add more canoes and you are in a group. The choice is yours.
  • Canoeists are a friendly bunch and you’re likely to make new friends.
  • Canoeing is accessible for kids and adults alike. It’s a great family activity.
  • Canoeing helps build and sustain relationships.
  • There are no motors to fuss over, listen to, or smell. Fresh, quiet air.
  • You may take a rest break whenever you want.
  • Explore the wilderness from the water.
  • Paddling is a low impact activity that improves fitness.
  • Portages, getting the canoe from one body of water to another, can be a tough physical workout. Or not. You choose.
  • You can canoe for a day trip into the BWCAW, returning to your cabin or base camp for the evening meal.
  • Canoeing will earn you a great night’s sleep.
  • Wildlife. You may see moose, deer, wolves, loons and many more from the quiet of your canoe. Patience earns some amazing pictures, memories and good mental health.
  • Fishing can be outstanding. Reeling in a large (or any size) Walleye or Lake Trout in a canoe is an exhilarating experience.
  • It’s a cheap way to recreate. Before you buy you should rent. Whether you want to spend a few hours fishing, a day in the wilderness, or a weeks long trip to the border and back, renting a canoe from outfitters like Rockwood Outfitters is the way to go.

Canoeing is a quiet and healthful activity. Tell us your reasons for canoeing.