Few days in the Boundary Waters

A few days in the BWCAW with your brother-in-law can expand an already solid relationship. Erik Jensen and his BIL Ben Thompson started coming to Rockwood Outfitters three years ago. That first trip was fully outfitted, for everything but the food.
The second year, the two invited a couple of friends to share the experience, again outfitting all but the groceries here at Rockwood.
“Since that trip,” Erik said, “we have bought our own gear and we used Rockwood for canoe rental and the bunkhouse this year.”
The two men spent a long weekend camping and fishing, entering the wilderness off Poplar Lake.
“We like that we are able to enter the BWCA without needing a shuttle,” Erik said. “We are not good at keeping to a schedule and Rockwood allows us the freedom to leave and come back when we want.”

Erik really appreciates the bunkhouse offered here. They left the Twin Cities after work on a Thursday and arrived at Rockwood about 1:00 am Friday to get some shut eye. They were the second group to leave the Lodge that morning, finding a spot for a nap after lunch.
Portaging, paddling, fishing, and cooking together is a great way to deepen a relationship.
The two paddlers exited the wilderness on Monday morning, about 10 a.m. They had great weather, good fishing, and the scenery was great.
After returning the canoes, Erik and Ben took a swim in Poplar Lake to “clean up” for the ride home. After a stop at the Rustic Inn at Castle Danger, the two paddlers were back home by 5 p.m.
“Thanks to Rockwood Lodge and Outfitters for setting us up with our canoe and a great place to stay the night before we headed out,” Erik wrote on Facebook.
Two guys now have an annual tradition to get into the BWCAW, enjoy some time together, and see the spectacular scenery our wilderness has to offer.