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  • Thank You For Making 2023 The Best Season at Rockwood Lodge and Outfitters

    Thank You For Making 2023 The Best Season at Rockwood Lodge and Outfitters

    We have officially wrapped up a successful 2023 season here at Rockwood. We put the canoes in storage, and the cabins are shuttered for the long winter’s slumber.  Whether you are veterans or first-timers to Rockwood, the Gunflint Trail, and the Boundary Waters, we thank all of you for spending your precious vacation time with…

  • 270 Overlook Border Route Trail

    270 Overlook Border Route Trail

    Tuesday, October 12, 2021: Hiked to the 270 overlook at the intersection of the Superior Hiking Trail and the Border Route Trail. Started by driving the Gunflint Trail to Greenwood Lake Road, and traveling nearly 4 miles to Shoe Lake Road. The intersection is wide, just after a bridge, and there are road signs just…

  • Honeymoon Bluff Hike

    Honeymoon Bluff Hike

    Honeymoon Bluff is located off Clearwater Lake Rd, roughly 30 miles up the Gunflint Trail, or a 17 minute drive, if you’re staying at Rockwood Lodge and Outfitters. Our family has hiked Honeymoon Bluff just about every year that we’ve vacationed at Rockwood. The allure is definitely the combination of a relatively easy hike, with…

  • It feels like SUMMER is here!

    It feels like SUMMER is here!

    Currently the temperature is 50 degrees, but the sun is out and the fish are biting…it’s gorgeous. We have all the canoes out of the cabins, and customers are showing up at all times of the day to sleep in the bunkhouse or one of our 8 cabins. We have new photos on our website,…

  • Poplar Lake

    Poplar Lake

     Poplar Lake (764 acres) in Cook County, Minnesota is outside of the Boundary Waters and can have any size boat and motor. Airplanes used to land on on the main body and taxi into Rockwood bay, but that’s seldom seen lately. There are a lot of hidden boulders just under the surface of the…

  • Boundary Waters (BWCAW) Trip Planning Guide

    Boundary Waters (BWCAW) Trip Planning Guide

    Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness Trip Planning Guide Excellent trip planning guide for the BWCAW: Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness Trip Planning Guide created and shared by the USDA Forest Service. Excerpt from the guide: GREAT GLACIERS carved the physical features of what is today known as the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW) by scraping…

  • Rockwood Canoe Outfitters on the Gunflint Trail

    Rockwood Canoe Outfitters on the Gunflint Trail

    Open 7a – 6p May-Oct. (218) 388-2242 call or text! Rockwood prides itself on having a good stock of new or newer canoes available. You can rent them by the day or by the trip, and you can save money with our Canoe Outfitting Packages. Name brands like Wenonah, Northstar, Souris River, Grumman and Alumacraft…

  • Rockwood Lodge on the Gunflint Trail

    Rockwood Lodge on the Gunflint Trail

    Original 1932 log lodge, large meeting room, check-in, check-out, hi-speed WiFi (over 100 mbps) picnic shelter with gas grill Rockwood Lodge:Rockwood Lodge was founded in the mid-1920’s by Paul and Jennie Stolz and Wally and Helen Anderson. The lodge and cabins were built of local timber by the two men (with help from their wives…

  • A Childhood Dream Come True

    A Childhood Dream Come True

    One of our customers posted a very well written trip report to – A Childhood Dream Come True by mashpotatomezzo Trip Type: Paddling Canoe Entry Date: 07/20/2017 Entry & Exit Point: Lizz and Swamp Lakes (EP 47) Number of Days: 5 Group Size: 2 Trip Introduction: After growing up listening to my father tell stories of his adventures…

  • Solo trip article

    Solo trip article

    Photo Shawn James CANOE TRIPPER SHAWN JAMES ON THE UNIQUE APPEAL OF SOLO CANOE ADVENTURES WRITTEN BY SHAWN JAMES It is four a.m. and I lie awake, mesmerized by a spectacular display of the aurora borealis dancing just above the horizon to the north of my fly-less tent. A billion twinkling stars slowly fade as…

  • Fall 2017

    Fall 2017

    The leaves are beginning to change. I drove to McFarland Lake on the Arrowhead Trail on Tuesday (Sept 12), and I noticed many individual trees already with color. The road that I took, Shoe Lake Road, is a narrow forest road that goes north of Greenwood lake but just South of the BWCA. It’s barely…

  • Summer is in full swing

    Summer is in full swing

    We’ve had a lot of moose sightings and walleyes caught already in 2017, with about 10 weeks of the season left to go. The moose have been seen on the Gunflint Trail, near the bunkhouse at Rockwood Lodge, and in the Boundary Waters around Horseshoe Lake. Walleye have been caught in Poplar Lake, with a…

  • Reflection of the Northwoods by Laura Patrick

    Reflection of the Northwoods by Laura Patrick

    — The dogs woke up at first light on day one of our trip.  After spending hours last night gazing upon the heavens that seemed to reach from straight above all the way down to my feet due to the mirror like surface of the lake, I was not too happy that my dogs wanted…

  • Spring 2017

    Spring 2017

    Spring is here and Rockwood is ready for it…yet we are excited to have a bunch of projects coming to completion and will be welcoming guests as early as next week!  We’ve remodeled the gift shop in the lodge and are putting the finishing touches on a ‘new to us’ cabin, Cabin 12… The former…

  • Spring!


    It’s really feeling like spring. The lake is still 20″ thick with ice, but there is water forming on the top. It won’t be long now and we’ll be talking about ice-out. The projects on the resort are coming along nicely, we want to have Cabin 12 ready for large groups this summer. It’s a…

  • Permit Reservations 2018

    Permit Reservations 2018

    Planning your trip for next year? January 31st (at 9am) is the go-live date for reserving the perfect entry point for the perfect day! – Reservations for all entry points may be made on a first-come, first-served basis beginning January 31, 2018, 9 a.m. Central Time. Reservations are for dates from May 1 to September…

  • Late September

    Late September

    It’s late September and we are beginning to wrap things up for the season. We’ll close for a month on September 30th, and open again in late October with our first winter cabin! We are excited to have a winter cabin, it’s a large house right on the lake that used to be the owner’s…

  • Rainbow over Rockwood

    Rainbow over Rockwood

    One of our guests took this amazing shot of a rainbow over Rockwood Lodge – Thank you Kevin!

  • Family of 4 on Ram Lake

    Family of 4 on Ram Lake Nice video of a family of 4 paddling across Ram Lake in the BWCAW, on the Eastern side of the wilderness near Grand Marais, MN.

  • Outfitter’s roof is DONE

    Outfitter’s roof is DONE

    The roof on the outfitters is DONE! (view large image here) We have a hundred excuses why it took us 34 days to complete it…from completely removing the old porch, removing both layers of shingles, replacing rotting sheathing, custom building new corbels, mortise and tenon joints for the porch lintel, to a new custom sign…

  • 90 years today!

    90 years today!

    Today marks 90 years of operation for Rockwood Lodge and Outfitters! Originally Camp Rockwood, the land was purchased on July 16, 1926.

  • Big day at Rockwood

    Big day at Rockwood

    Link to big version of photo. Several big events just happened at Rockwood, one week before our 90th anniversary. First, we completed half of the outfitter’s new roof! Yes, it’s still got a monster bow in it from 80 years of use, but it’s on good and tight. Second, we made our first of 79…

  • Busy few months

    Busy few months

    Nearly Summer! We’ve had a busy few months here at Rockwood. Our first outfitting trips seem like yesterday even though they were over 7 weeks ago! The bunkhouse and cabins have been full several times, and the bookings are looking very strong. In addition we have every one of our Tandem canoes rented out the last…

  • Moose and calf on Gunflint Trail

    Moose and calf on Gunflint Trail

    A nice video of a Moose and her calf on the gunflint Trail –

  • Moose Twins

    Moose Twins

    We’ve had several sightings of moose twins at Rockwood, and now we have photographic evidence – thanks to our Guests! 

  • Fox and her Kits

    Fox and her Kits

    Shirley Wilson was in Cabin 2 and took some amazing video of a fox and her kits! update: This video clip made it to Almanac, a Minnesota PBS television show, look for it at 21:34 on the June 10th (2016) show-

  • Trail clearing, building prep

    Trail clearing, building prep

    Today was filled with a lot of activities at Rockwood. We had two awesome guests in Cabin 2 all week, celebrating their honeymoon at Rockwood Lodge! They reported seeing a cub bear, moose, and many different animals on their hiking trips. They especially liked getting up and personal with a Loon on Poplar Lake while…

  • New graphics!

    New graphics!

    We are getting the new graphics printed and painted and on t-shirts. Check out some pictures! [vc_media_grid element_width=”4″ grid_id=”vc_gid:1462781210946-749057091587fd667d46aaea1afd0ba6-5″ include=”1989,1993,1994,1992″]  

  • Hiking the South Lake Trail on April 30th

    Hiking the South Lake Trail on April 30th

    I walked the South Lake Trail from Rockwood Lodge, passing by Birch to South Lake, which borders Canada, on April 30, 2016. Here is my report.

  • Ice on Poplar Lake, April 28th

    Ice on Poplar Lake, April 28th

    Lots of movement on the ice today, Poplar Lake. It opened a large area next to the island in our bay and the stream between the shore and the island is completely open. There’s still a large sheet in the middle of the bay. Small stacks of snow where I piled it with the snow…

  • Ice on Poplar Lake,  Gunflint Trail, Minnesota April 25

    Ice on Poplar Lake, Gunflint Trail, Minnesota April 25

    Ice on Poplar Lake,  Gunflint Trail, Minnesota April 25 – lots of rain and sleet today. The wind is pushing the ice around. We figure less than 10 more days for this ice!

  • Spring rains melt the snow

    Spring rains melt the snow

    Rockwood Lodge and Outfitters on the Gunflint Trail still has some snow, but the rain is melting it fast. The lake has a glassy look and the trail is clear.

  • Inside a Snow Globe March 16, 2016

    Inside a Snow Globe March 16, 2016

    A nice snowfall at Rockwood Lodge on March 16, 2016.

  • Ice and Snow on March 12, 2016

    Ice and Snow on March 12, 2016

    March 12, 2016 – after some rain and sunny days, there is still ice and snow on Poplar Lake near Rockwood Lodge and Outfitters. Turn up the volume and listen to the melting ice and the birds. Enjoy this video at full screen, turn up the sound, and make sure you have selected “HD” for…

  • Excellent Story

    Excellent Story

    Please take time to read this excellent story by our friend James Michael from his upcoming book “From a Rustic Cabin”. Into_The_BWCA_3-6-2016_james_michael Posted with limited permission by the author; use is limited to this website and not passed onto any other publisher without written permission.

  • Entry Permits

    Entry Permits

    Today was an exciting day, we helped a bunch of our customers book their Entry Permits into the BWCAW. It’s great thinking about the summer when it’s 20 degrees outside. I just checked and all three of our Entry Points on Poplar Lake (Lizz/Swamp 47, Meeds 48, Skipper 49) are wide open, with just a…

  • Webcam is up and running!

    Webcam is up and running!

    The Rockwood Webcam is up and running! Bookmark this page: and visit it often as the image is updated every 15 minutes.

  • Gunflint Mailrun Dogsleds

    Gunflint Mailrun Dogsleds

    On January 9, 2016 the Gunflint Mailrun Dogsled competition ran by Rockwood Lodge and Outfitters. Afternoon: morning:

  • Christmas Letter

    Christmas Letter

    Merry Christmas! Download the letter here…

  • Thank you Mike and Lin

    Thank you Mike and Lin

    As Mike and Lin start the next chapter of their lives I want to take this time to say thank you to both of them for taking such good care of us during this transition. It would be hard to find two nicer people and if you had a chance to meet them you know…

  • Jack December 21, 2015

    Jack December 21, 2015

    Jack enjoying Rockwood.

  • Gunflint Trail Snow December 18, 2015

    Gunflint Trail Snow December 18, 2015

    Gunflint Trail a day after a nice snowfall. It’s hard to describe how beautiful this drive is. North of Grand Marais, Minnesota on County 12.

  • Snowfall Rockwood Lodge December 16 2015

    Snowfall Rockwood Lodge December 16 2015

    Lots of snow coming down 10:30am on Wednesday December 16, 2015 at Rockwood Lodge.

  • Poplar Lake Breathing

    Poplar Lake Breathing

    Poplar lake is mostly ice covered but the edge has a couple of inches of water, and when the ice moves up and down it seems like the lake is breathing.

  • Snowfall


    Light snowfall at Rockwood Lodge and Outfitters

  • Tiny Creek

    Tiny Creek

  • Roaring fire

  • New guest photos

    New guest photos

    loon-2-Carol-Sebek-Kelley Carol gave us some of her favorite photos from 2014!

  • Snowy Thursday

    The snow is really thick and is hanging on the trees.

  • Carl and Lin

    Carl and Lin

    — Previous owner Lin Sherfy and new owner Carl Madsen standing next to Poplar lake We were going through some old stuff in storage and stopped to take a photo. The trees are heavy with snow, and everything looks like a Christmas Card.

  • Guest images

    Several guest images have been posted, please check them out!

  • Poplar with snow

    Poplar with snow

    Beautiful snowfall last night, less than an inch of fluffy white. Behind Cabin 7 is a small stand of Poplar.

  • Sunrise on the last Sunday in November

    14 degrees and sunny on the last Sunday in November. The ice is brand new on Poplar, and there is still some open water.

  • Skippin’ Rocks on Poplar

    Listen to the sound the ice makes when the rock hits it.

  • Nineteen and SUNNY – Rockwood Lodge and Outfitters

    Gorgeous Day on Poplar Lake  

  • Snowing on Thanksgiving

    Snowing on Thanksgiving

    I turned on the webcam for a few seconds to get the snowfall on Poplar lake!

  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    We are celebrating Thanksgiving with Mike and Lin, they are still at their house through the end of the month. The weather has been great, it was 30 degrees today and most of the 3/4 inch of snow has melted. The sunrises and sunsets are beautiful, but the days have been overcast. Mike helped me…

  • Fresca and Jack

    Fresca and Jack

    We want you to meet our two dogs – VERY friendly hosts – Fresca and Jack!

  • Rockwood purchased

    Rockwood purchased

    About us… UPDATE February 2020 – It’s been four years and we are entering our fifth year of operations. Time has zipped by, and we find that today’s priorities are similar to those four years ago. This post has been our website the entire time, and here’s a link to a nice article written about…